THE AIM OF BEIT AYIN is to provide a pathway that will allow people to experience and embrace Jewish spiritual practices that transform the human self into the Divine Self. We offer ongoing Jewish spiritual experiences; a community that deepens the awareness of the Divine inside us, as us.

Our Spiritual Basis

The foundations of Beit Ayin are the spiritual practices of meditation, chanting, contemplative text study, avodah (service) and the creation of sacred community.

Beit Ayin is a center of ongoing spiritual practice, where people gather to deepen their identitive connection with the Divine.  More than a body of practices, Beit Ayin is also a place to gather as a sacred community. Beit Ayin is post-denominational, influenced by eighteenth and nineteenth century Chasidic mystical worldviews.

Beit Ayin practices encompass an experiential worship of body, spirit and heart, as well as the mind. Through practices of chanting and meditation, Beit Ayin gives its participants the opportunity for cumulative spiritual work in a disciplined and consistent environment.

Beit Ayin, the name itself, implies a place to come together, a gathering of a community on a regular basis; a home. Through the practices of Beit Ayin we reveal our spiritual home; we uncover that which has been concealed for most of our lives. Ayin means no thing, and in the Jewish spiritual world refers to the experience of not being any one thing. Ayin is the essential expression of non-duality, representing non-separateness from the Divine. Ayin is the sense of non-boundary unity, revealing the ultimate oneness of the universe that has always been. Ani is essential ego separateness; we as human beings can come to Beit Ayin and rearrange Ani to become Ayin; I am no thing. Beit Ayin is a place to come to reveal to oneself that we have always been Divine and oneness. We transform the illusory perspective that we are separate, and realize and know the truth of Divine Self.